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srimal holiday home

Bookings / Reservation



Name of Guest:                                                                                          Check In

                                                                                                                  Check Out

                                                                                                                  No. of Adults:                                                                                                                                                   No. of Children:                 

NIC                 :

Address           :


Contact Nos.    :                                                                      




  1.Guest will bring provisions for all meals SHH Manager will

cook and serve with no extra charge. (Locals)


.             2. Holiday Home will provide meals as per set menu & charge (Non locals)





Accommodation                                                                                  Payment Details


                        Family unit & single Room ( with A/C)  (7 Pax)                                Amount       Signature


                        Family unit (with A/C) (5 Pax)                                                                         


                        The Lodge (with A/C) (4 pax)             


                                                                                                                                                                                    Balance due


Note:    1. Bookings accepted only with advance equivalent to 30% of accommodation charges

2. Full accommodation have to be paid to Colombo office

   prior to occupation and coupons should be collected. 

3. Main Bungalow two family units consist of :    1 large bedroom, 1 small bedroom & Toilet

    with ,  two double beds, one single bed

4. Single room with toilet:     (one double bed)

5. Lodge:    2 Rooms (A/C) with  toilet (1 Double Bed & 2 Single beds)


EX.      Item                 Description                                             Rate    



            1          Family Unit with Single room & A/C (7 Pax)      3000/-                         

            2.         Family Unit with A/C (5 Pax)                             2500/-                         

            3.         The lodge with  A/C ( 4 person)                                     2000/-